A modern solution for collecting condolences

As a funeral director, you are looking for ways to simplify the grieving process for your customers. One of the ways you can do this is by offering a modern solution for collecting condolences.



With our Condolence Register App we offer funeral directors exactly such a solution. Instead of the traditional condolence book, visitors to a funeral can now leave a message via the app. This makes it easy for grieving families to read what others have written and share memories during this difficult time.



After leaving a condolence message, the visitor receives an email in which they have the option to add a photo to their message. This way, grieving families can not only read what others have written, but also view photos added to the condolences. This can help to ease the grieving process and share memories in a personal way.



Our app also offers the option to download condolence messages and address details as a PDF, so you have a complete and easy-to-use list of all condolences received. Choose our Condolence Register App to simplify the grieving process for your customers and at the same time modernize your funeral home.